ExTiX 22.9 Released with Support for Installing Android Apps

ExTiX is a KDE Plasma-based Linux distribution that has recently enjoyed a new release, 22.9, which adds something special into the mix…the ability to easily install Android apps.

The ExTiX developers have added Anbox into the mix with support for Google Play Services pre-installed. Because this take on Anbox comes complete with Google Play Store integration, not only is the installation of Android apps simplified on Linux, but the apps should run more dependably and predictably.

But Android app support isn’t the only bit of news for ExTiX. Before this release, the distribution was based on Deepin (which is a Chinese Linux Distribution). As of 22.9, ExTiX is now based on Ubuntu and includes a new Refacta installer along with Refracta snapshot.

The version of KDE Plasma shipping with ExTiX 22.9 is 5.24 and includes kernel 5.15 with an option to use kernel 5.19.

Do note that ExTiX 22.9 is very experimental (especially the Anbox layer). Because of this, you probably shouldn’t consider 22.9 for production environments.

Download an ISO for ExTiX 22.9 and spin it up as a virtual machine to test the new features.

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