Automating LibreOffice with macros

ScriptForge helps you automate LibreOffice by building portable macros.

All great software programs, especially free and open source software, share one common feature: You can easily customize and extend the software as you wish. The LibreOffice productivity suite is no exception, thanks to its support for those “saved sequence[s] of commands or keystrokes that are stored for later use” [1], otherwise known as macros.

I like to think of macros as the LibreOffice equivalent of Unix scripts: Whether they are keyboard sequences or code written in a programming language, these simple programs may be created quickly, possibly with very little programming skill, to automate all sorts of tasks.

ScriptForge [2], a LibreOffice library for building scripts, along with the APSO extension needed to run ScriptForge, provides a great tool to learn how to automate LibreOffice because it solves a general, but very important, problem with the LibreOffice macro environment.


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